0.417 → 0.214, never tired…’I’m Gyunan’ that surpasses ‘me’

Na Kyun-an (25, Lotte Giants) is surpassing “me” every day. 

As of the 1st, Lotte is ranked first in the KBO League alone with 14 wins and 8 losses. The ‘first-class contributor’ to Lotte’s rise to the top is definitely Na Kyun-an. Lotte’s starting wins this season are only 6 wins. Among them, Kyun-an Na was responsible for 4 wins (Charlie Barnes and Han Hyun-hee each). 

Previously, Na Kyun-an’s most wins in a season was three wins last year. This year, he is tied for the lead with NC Dinos Eric Peddy. His ERA is 1.34, ranking fourth. 

Until last year, Na Kyun-an recorded a quality start plus (7 or more innings pitched, 3 earned or less) three times in 20 starts. He has already recorded three times this year in five appearances. The number of innings pitched per game this season is 6 2/3 innings, which is the highest in the league. 

Until last year, the most innings pitched in an individual game was 7 innings, and the most pitches in a game was 100. He has already recorded more than 100 pitches on four occasions from the beginning of this season. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

From his first appearance of the season, he reached his personal best. In the second game of the opening against the Doosan Bears on the 2nd of last month, he threw a total of 100 balls in 6 and 2/3 innings and scored no runs (the first win of the season). Against the Samsung Lions on the 15th, he recorded 104 pitches (5 innings, 3 runs, 3 wins in the season), the most pitches in a single individual game.

On the 27th of last month, before the Hanwha Eagles, he challenged his first shutout victory. He pitched 4 hits and no runs in 8 innings. Lotte led 3-0 until the 8th inning. At this time, the number of pitches was 107. It was the highest number of pitches in an individual game. Na Kyun-an wanted to throw more, but came down the mound with a bench and Yoo Kang-nam’s advice.

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